Are You Walking in the Light? Part 1  1John 1:5-2:2

Todays sermon asks this question.  Are you walking in the Light?

What exactly does that mean?  How can you know for sure?  We will find out what the “Light” is.  We will find out how we can have the Light. And we will find out what it means to “walk in the Light.”  Then we will know if we are truly walking in the Light.

A. The Biblical Definition of Light (vs. 1-5)

1.  God is Light (Vs. 5a)

2. In Him There is No Darkness at all. (vs.5b)

B. The Tests of True Salvation (vs 1:6-2.2)

Listen to this informative sermon as Pastor Ron teaches us. 

 Are You Walking in the Light? Part 1

3 responses »

  1. When I was a depressed 14 year old girl, my Mom gave me a card with these words written inside: “Look for the sunshine in your life.” Now, I’m 46 and I still have the card and know the importance. To me, the light I was searching for was God and He found me like a lighthouse beam in a terrible storm. I have found the light and I am so dearly blessed walking with the light of God in my heart.

    Christine Smith


  2. bonlou says:

    Hi Christine,
    Thank you for your response. Oh, it is so wonderful that you found the Light of God.

    That is a neat story you shared about how your mom gave you a card with something on it that you were able to carry with you. Yes, you found the true Light. Praise the Lord!!

    Blessings, Bonnie


  3. Dear Servant of Light of God
    I read into your exciting Ministry website and was greatly touched and ministered to as i read through your mission.God bless you greatly for obeying his voice to minister this kind of healing to the body of Christ.You are really a vessel the lord uses to touch lives in the world.The new foundation you have really laid in lives is great,strong and powerful, May God bless you for such big sacrifice.
    We are writing to thank you for such good work for Christ.We have never been ministered to the way your website did to us. Our lives have been transformed and new fires of evangelism lit in our hearts.
    Could you please pray with us a bout the possibility of coming to Kenya and minister the gospel to the lost in villages and markets and train pastors and church leaders for ministry . Kindly Read in our website and you will discover what we do for Christ in Africa. Please if you have bibles bless us with them even if they are new or used.
    May God bless you
    Pastor Lucas and Jane obanda
    New Hope Fellowship Church 1111 Mumias 50102-Kenya
    +254 735 658690


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