This week’s sermon is based on I John 2:18.  Pastor Ron explains to us a contrast between believers and unbelievers.  Some things that we learn are:

Who is the Antichrist John is talking about in this verse?

Who are “the many” Antichrists?

What is the meaning of “it is the last hour?”

As we get these terms straight in our minds we will have discernment in these last days to know what is true and what is false, in order that we will not be deceived by the enemy.

A. Contrast:

1. The Truth about Antichrists V18-19

  a.  Antichrist is coming V18a

  b. Many antichrists have appeared. V18b

  c. By the presence of antichrists we know that it is the last hour. V18c.

Click below to listen to this wonderful message:

Discernment in the Midst of Antichrists-Part 1

What say you?

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