This week Pastor Ron continues teaching from I John 2:22-27 about having discernment while in the midst of antichrists.

B. Contrast #2 (v22-25)

1. The truth about Antichrists (v22-23)

    a.  Antichrists are liars (v22a)

    b.  Antichrists deny that Jesus is the Christ. (v22b-23)

2.  The Truth about Christians (v24-25)

    a.  The truth about Christ abides in Christians (v24)

    b.  Christians have the promis of eternal life. (v25)

C. Contrast #3 (v26-27)

  1.  The Truth about Antichrists (v26)

      a.  Antichrists try to deceive Christians (v26)

  2.  The Truth about Christians (v27)

      b.  His anointing abides in Christians and teaches them the truth. (v27)

This portion of scripture is very revelant for today.  There are many Antichrists, or false teachers out there and we need to be sure we know who we are learning from.  We learn how to recognize these Antichrists so that we can avoid them. 

They try to deceive us, but true Christians have the Holy Spirit and He teaches them the truth. 

II Peter 1:3  NIV “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”

To listen to this uplifting message click below.

Discernment in the Midst of Antichrists- Part 3

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