This Sunday we dug deeper into what John is teaching us about the obvious difference between the children of God and the children of the devil.  We see how sin is totally opposed to the work of Christ.  They do not go together.

Read: I John 3:4-5b

2. Sin is totally opposed to the work of Christ. (V5-8)

  a.  The objective of Christ’s work (V5, 8b)

     1) The Person of Christ (V5b)

     2) The Work of Christ (V5a, 8b)

           to take away sins…

           to destroy the works of the devil…

As you listen to Pastor Ron’s message be encouraged that the Holy Spirit has made this portion of scripture clear.   It has encouraged me personally to know that Jesus died not only to forgive me of my sins, but to take them away.  This means that sin does not have to rule our lives anymore.  We are set free and can overcome with the power of the Holy Spirit residing in us.  I pray you too will be encouraged as you listen to this important and timely message.

Children of God and Children of the Devil- Part 2

What say you?

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