This week we have another important message given to us by Pastor Ron.

It is taken from I John 3:12-15, and shows us how hatred originated in Cain.

2.  Hatred is Typified in Adam’s Firstborn:  Cain (V12-15)

  a. Cain’s evil nature (V12a)

  b. Cain’s evil deed (V12b)

  c. Cain’s evil motive (V12c)

  d. Cain is set forth as a model for the world (V13)

  e. The test of love (V14)

  f.  What it really means to hate (V15)

I John 3:10b “…nor the one who does not love his brother.”

Do you love the brethren?  This is an excellent test to see if we are really in the faith or not.  Click below to listen to this message.

Children of God and Children of the Devil- Part 6



What say you?

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