This week’s message will finish up I John 3 as we study verses 21-24.

Again Pastor Ron will teach us about how we can have the assurance of our salvation.  Last week he taught about when our own hearts condemn us.  But, this week he teaches about when our hearts do not condemn us.

B. The Blessings of Assurance when your heart does not condemn you. (v21-24)

1.  Confidence in Prayer (V21-22a)

2.  The Joy of Obedience (V22b)

3.  A Growing Faith in Christ (V23)

4.  The Inward Testimony of the Indwelling  Holy Spirit (V24)

As you can see from this outline there are wonderful benefits for the believer when we walk according to the Word of God.  Listen now as Pastor Ron opens these truths up to us. I pray it will be a blessing to you.

Blessed Assurance Revisited- Part 5

What say you?

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