In the physical life there needs to be vital signs of life, and there has to be vital signs in the spiritual life also.

Part 3 of this study takes us deeper into the vital sign of  faith, with special emphasis on overcoming the world.

If you are a Christian you already are an overcomer!  Isn’t that great news?


A.  There Must be a New Birth…(V1, V4)
B.  There Must be the Vital Signs of Spiritual Life…

       1. Faith (V1a;V4-5)

            a.  Faith is the result of the new birth, not the cause of it.

            b.  Faith has a clearly defined object.

            c.  Faith has a clearly observable result, overcoming the world.

                  1) Nikao, nike…

                  2) Three things that Christians are victorious over




                   3) Commentary on the world from I John 2: 15-17…

                   4) How does John want this truth in I John 5:4-5 to impact the way we think and live…?



Click to listen:  The New Testament Definition of a Christian- Part 3

What say you?

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