This week Pastor Ron takes us back to 1 John 5:6-8 so that we can learn more about the trustworthiness of God’s testimony concerning His Son.
This in turn will give us confidence in our faith.


A. The Trustworthiness of God’s Testimony Established (V6-8)

  1.  A Two-Fold Witness (V6a)

  2.  Clarification for the False Teachers (V6b)

  3.  A Third Witness (V6c-8)

       a.  How does the Spirit testify concerning Christ? (V6c)

            1)  While He was here…

            2)  Now that He has gone…

       b.  The Textual Problem (V7-8)

       c.  A United Three-fold Witness (V7-8)

When God Himself testifies that Jesus Christ is His Son and what the Bible says about Him is true, then how can we doubt?  This is a very encouraging message as we in turn are to witness to others.  To listen click on the link below:

God’s Testimony Concerning His Son- Part 3

What say you?

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