Today’s message takes another look at leadership in the church, specifically, elders and their qualifications.  It is interesting to learn what  God has set down as requirements for those who are to lead us spiritually.


b. Elders (Qualifications – 1 Tim 3:1-7)

  1) Must have a Compelling Desire (V1)

  2) Must be Above Reproach (V2-7)

      a) In Moral Character (V2-3)

          1) Husband of one wife

          2) Temperate

          3) Prudent

         4) Respectable

         5) Hospitable

         6) Able to Teach

         7) Not Addicted to Wine

         8.) Not Pugnacious

         9) Gentle

       10) Peaceable

       11) Free from the Love of Money

Pastor Ron opens up these scriptures and brings us a teaching that really applies to all of us even if we are not leaders in the church.

Click below to listen to the message:

The Doctrine of the Church – Part 5

What say you?

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