In this Sunday’s sermon Pastor Ron continues the series, “The Doctrine of the Church.”  He is dealing with the structure of the church and more specifically the qualifications of elders, part 2.  It is important to learn how the leaders of a local church are chosen and how they need to live their lives.


C. The STRUCTURE  of the Church

  1.  Leadership

     a.  Deacons
     b.  Elders (Qualifications – 1 Tim. 3:1-7

          1) Must have a Compelling Desire (V1)

          2) Must be Above Reproach (V2-7)

               a)  In MORAL CHARACTER (V2-3)

               b)  In his HOME LIFE (V4-5)

                     1)  The Principle…

                     2)  How that Principle will Manifest itself…

                     3)  The Reasons Why…

                    AN ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATION from Titus 1:6

              c)  in SPIRITUAL MATURITY (V6)

                    1)  The Principle…

                    2)  The Reasons Why…

              d)  in PUBLIC REPUTATION (v7)

                    1) The  Principle…

                    2) The Reasons Why…

  2. Membership

  3. A Weekly Gathering

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The Doctrine of the Church – Part 6

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