This week Pastor Ron talked about exercising our spiritual gifts in the church.  This is a subject that is misunderstood today in many churches.   We are God’s ambassadors here in this world and He wants us to be fully committed to living our lives in service to Him. 


E.  Exercising SPIRITUAL GIFTS  in the Church (Rom. 12:3-5)

  1.  The Divine Source of Spiritual Gifts (V3)

        a.  The Negative Command:  Humility (V3a)

        b.  The Positive Command: Sound Judgment (V3b)

               1)  With regard to how valuable your spiritual gifts are…

               2)  With regard to what your spiritual gifts are…

  2.  The Divine Analogy to Explain Spiritual Gifts (V4-5)

        a.  Diversity within Unity (V4)

        b.  Interdependence (V5)

Please click on the link below to listen to this inspiring message.

The Doctrine of the Church – Part 8

What say you?

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