In this sermon Pastor Ron finishes the book of 2 John by leading us through verses 8-13. 

This message informs us about false teachers and how we are to relate to them.  It is a very important message for us today as we live in a world full of false teachers who are disguised as true Christian teachers and pastors.

We are not always aware how much these false teachers can have an eternal effect on us.  This is very serious business. 


D.  The Truth Requires Unceasing Christian Vigilance (V8-11)

  1.  False teachers can rob you of rewards.  V8

  2.  False teachers do not abide in the teaching of Christ. V9

  3.  Extending hospitality to a false teacher equals participation of his  evil deeds. V 10-11

E.  Closing Remarks (V12-13)

Click on the link below to listen to this sermon.

For the Sake of the Truth – Part 5

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