True Christian Hospitality, the perfect blend of love and truth – 3 John 10, b-e. 

This week we again look at Diotrephes the negative example of true Christian hospitality. We find out a bit more about him and how he operated in the church.  He truly was a wicked man.


2.  John’s Indictment of Diotrephes (V10,b-e)

  a. Makes false accusations

  b. Refuses hospitality

  c. Forbids others from extending hospitality

  d. Excommunicates any who will not comply

Even though this account was written years ago this type of person can get into leadership in the church today and we need to be on guard as we chose those who will lead us. 

Click below to listen to this very informative and useful message:

True Christian Hospitality – Part 5

What say you?

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