True Christian Hospitality, the perfect blend of love and truth – 3 John 10a, 11-15

This week we again look at Diotrephes the negative example of true Christian hospitality. We learn that John planned to discipline him. Then, we are introduced to Demetrius and find out he is a worthy recipient of hospitality.


  3.  John’s Plan to discipline Diotrephes V 10a

  4.  John’s Counsel to Gaius concerning Diotrephes V 11

    a.  Do not imitate Diotrephes

    b.  His evil deeds reveal his unregenerate heart

C.  Demetrius:  A Worthy Recipient of Hospitality (V12)

  1.  A good testimony from everyone

  2.  A good testimony from the truth itself

  3.  A good testimony from John and other apostles

D.  Closing Thoughts (V-13-15)

  1.  More to write V 13

  2.  Desire for face to face fellowship V 14

  3.  A farewell wish V 15

Pastor Ron concludes 3 John this week.  We have learned what true Christian hospitality is according to the Bible and find it is the perfect blend of love and truth.  We can apply these truths to our own lives.

Click on the link below to listen to this sermon.

True Christian Hospitality – Part 6

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