This week Pastor Ron takes us deeper in our study about heaven as we refine our understanding of what heaven really is.

Many questions come up as we contemplate heaven and today we continue to learn about what the present heaven is really like.  We’ve all read books written by people who have claimed to have actually gone to heaven and then returned again.  But, do they know what heaven is really like?  No, only the Bible tells us what God wants us to know about heaven, and He has much to say.

What is the present heaven like…?

Notes:  Philippians 1:21-24


1. Where is the present heaven…?

2. How do we get from here to there…?

3. What is the present heaven like…?

a. A physical place

b. A “very much better” place than here

1) Paul’s Perspective V21

To live is Christ…

To die is gain…

2) Paul’s Quandary V22-24

To live on in the flesh…

To depart and be with Christ…

Some contrasts of here to there:

Click on the link below to here this interesting and informative message:

Refining Our Understanding of What Heaven Is – Part 4 (What’s Present Heaven Like? – 2)





What say you?

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