If you were to consider moving to a different location one of the first things you might do is contact the Chamber of Commerce and have them send you information about the area.  You could find out the weather conditions, demographics, industries, churches, schools, and many other things that would inform you.  Believers will be moving to a new home called heaven.  We can’t call on the Chamber of Commerce to tell us what it is like there, but better yet, we can ask God who made heaven.  The Bible gives us enough details about heaven that we can know what it will be like there compared to here.  So, let’s listen as Pastor Ron continues our study about heaven.

What is the present heaven like…?


1. Where is the present heaven…?
2. How do we get from here to there…?
3. What is the present heaven like…?

a. A physical place
b. A “very much better” place than here

c.  A kingdom

d. Paradise

Click on the link below to listen to this inspiring message:

Refining Our Understanding of What Heaven Is – Part 5 (What’s Present Heaven Like? -3)



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