Ezekiel had the rare opportunity to get a glimpse into heaven, and so did John.  In today’s message Pastor Ron takes us to the book of Revelation where John saw a “door standing open in heaven.”  Then, he was invited by God to come up there and get a glimpse into heaven.  Oh, my, what a wonderful experience that must have been.  Can you imagine standing at the door of heaven and looking in?  This is another “real deal” account of heaven.

What is the present heaven like…?


1. Where is the present heaven…?
2. How do we get from here to there…?
3. What is the present heaven like…?

a. A physical place
b. A “very much better” place than here
c.  A kingdom
d. Paradise
e. Ezekiel’s Vision of Heaven (Ezek 1)

f. John’s Vision of Heaven (Rev 4)

A.  John’s Invitation into Heaven (V1-2a)

B.  John’s Description of the Heavenly Throne (V2b-11)

1.  On the Throne (V2b-3a)

Click on the link below to hear what John saw when he looked through the open door into heaven. It will thrill you soul.

Refining Our Understanding of What Heaven Is – Part 7 (What’s Present Heaven Like – Pt.5)

What say you?

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