This week we continue our study of the series: ” What the Bible Says About Heaven.” Today Pastor Ron Lewis’ topic is, “Our Form After the Rapture.”  It is very interesting to learn what we will be like in our bodies before and after the Rapture.  We already studied the “before” part where we will be disembodied spirits.  Now, we are ready to explore the “after” part.  We, who are Christians, have a lot of wonderful things to look forward to.


g. Form After the Rapture (1 Cor. 15:35-49)


A.  The Questions (V35)

B.  An analogy from Agriculture (V36-38)

1.  Dissolution

2.  Difference

3.  Continuity

C.  Other Similar, but Different Forms (39-42a)

1.  Men and Animals

2.  Stars and Planets

D.  Some Exciting Contrasts (V42b-44)

1.  Perishable/Imperishable

2.  Dishonor/Glory

3.  Weakness/Power

4.  Natural/Spiritual

E.  The  Prototype of our Resurrection Bodies (V45-49)

Click below to listen to the enlightening message.

Our Form After the Rapture

What say you?

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