Again we come to our study of the Millenium Kingdom.  Pastor Ron Lewis teaches us this week as we take a look at how the curse will be changed in those days, and also what the economy will be like.


j.  There will be economic prosperity.

1) Isa 30:23-24

2) Isa 62:8-9

3) Isa 65:21-23

4) Amos 9:13

5) Jer 31:12

6) Ezek 34:26-27

7) Ezek 36:29-30

k.  There will be a reversal of the curse.

1)  People

2)  The Earth

3)  Animals

Please click on the link below to listen to this very interesting and informative message.

The Curse and Economy in the Millenium

What say you?

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