This week concludes our topical study on heaven.  Today Pastor Ron Lewis shows us around New Jerusalem a bit more as we see the “water of life,” and the “tree of life.”  He explains what each of these are and then moves on to show us the privileges of the inhabitants of New Jerusalem.

Christians certainly are a blessed people!  What awaits us in the final heaven is almost beyond words.  There is such a great contrast from what we are used to here in this world, and when you get a glimpse of heaven you will never be the same.  Can you  imagine living with the Almighty God who created the heavens and the earth?  Oh, what lies ahead boggles my mind!



a.  Streets of gold V21b
b.  No temple V22
c.  No sun and moon V23
d.  No ethnic or social divisions V24
e.  Ultimate security V25
f.  All glory to God from all people V26
g. Exclusivity V27

h.  River of the water of life V22:1

i.  Tree of life V22:2


a.  We will live without the curse. (V3a)

b.  We will serve God before His throne (V3b)

c.  We will see His face (V4a)

d.  We will be identified as belonging to Him. (V4b)

e.  We will reign forever in the light of God’s glory (V5)

Please click on the link below to hear this inspiring sermon

Privileges in New Jerusalem



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