Do you know what the Holy Spirit’s role is in our salvation?  He is the one who enables us to respond to the gospel message when we hear it.   He also seals us in Christ Jesus.  And, He is given to us as a down-payment of our inheritance.  Listen to this very powerful message explaining true salvation.


D.  God the Holy Spirit Sealed us in Him as a Pledge of our Inheritance (V13-14)

1.  The Holy Spirit enables you to understand and respond to the gospel V13a

a.  True Salvation begins with a message…

b.  That messages must be heard…

c.  That message must be believed…

2.  The Holy Spirit seals you in Him V 13b

3.  The Holy Spirit is given as a pledge of our inheritance V14

Please click on the link below to listen to this very powerful message.

Holy Spirit’s Role in Salvation

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