Ephesians 2:6a Do you know what it means to be risen with Christ? This is a hard concept to get our minds around, but once we do it can be life changing. We can have victory over sin in our lives when we realize how we are changed when we become Christians. Spiritually we are risen with Christ. Isn’t that an awesome thought?


BUT GOD…(V4-10)                                             Romans6;11

1. Was Merciful and Loving toward you V4
2. Made you Alive together with Christ V5
3. Raised you up with Him V6a

To be risen with Christ means…
a. To be dead to sin but alive to God
b. To be out from under the wrath of God
c. To be walking in newness of life
1) A new mind
2) A new heart
3) A new will

Please click on the link below to listen to this inspiring message.

Risen With Christ

What say you?

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