Ephesians 3:1 Paul the Apostle turns out to be the mystery man. He has been chosen by God to reveal this mystery to the church. Pastor Ron teaches us a great deal about Paul and how he wound up in prison in the first place. We learn what his attitude was, and how he saw his imprisonment. And, we find out why he had to suffer this way.  We can compare our attitudes with that of Paul’s and see how we measure up.

A. The Person of the Mystery (V1-2)                                            philippians2_14-15b
1. Paul’s Attitude
2. Paul’s Perspective
a. the prisoner of Christ Jesus
1) How did Paul become a prisoner…?
2) What was his own perspective on that…?
3) Who were the beneficiaries…?
b. for the sake of you Gentiles

Please click on the link below to listen to this important sermon:

Paul, the Mystery Man

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