Acts 22:24-36  This week we study part 3 from Pastor Ron’s series, “The Sermon that Launched the Church.” Peter declares Jesus Christ was the Messiah, and that He died and rose again and is now sitting at the right hand of God.  He proves that Jesus Christ whom they crucified was both Lord and Christ.


B.  Peter Theme:  Proclaiming the Resurrected Christ (V22-36)

  1. The Life Of Christ  V22                                                                     acts2_36
  2. The Death of Christ V23
  3. The Resurrection of Christ V24-32

a. Peter declares the resurrection truth V24

b. Peter supports that truth from the Old Testament V25-28

c. Peter explains the prophecy and applies it to Christ V29-32

4. The Exaltation of Christ V33-36

a.  The exaltation of Christ declared V33a

b.  The exaltation explains Pentecost V33b

c.  The exaltation of Christ was also spoken of by David V34-35

d.  Peter’s thesis statement reiterated v36

Please click on the link below to listen to this wonderful Easter message:

Resurrection & Exaltation of Christ

What say you?

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