The Gospel of Jesus Christ by Pastor Ron Lewis

What happens when this life is over? 

 Where will you spend eternity? 

Are you ready to die?

Those are heavy questions and every one of us need to address them.  To help you Pastor Ron Lewis has written an excellent e-book titled, The Gospel of Jesus Christ.   Here is a sample:

Dear friend, in this little booklet you are going to read about the greatest offer that has ever been made by the greatest Person who ever lived, the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m not sure how much you have thought about where you will spend eternity, where you will go when you die, but for some reason you are here right now reading the opening paragraph in this booklet. If you choose to continue reading you will find an explanation of the gospel of Jesus Christ as clearly as I can give it. The true saving gospel message has been diluted, muddled, and confused by many in our day, and that is tragic because there is no other message as important as this one that you will ever have to consider.

To read more….

You can get this FREE e-book two ways:

1. Click on the link below and it will come up in your Adobe Reader.

2. Right click on the link below and you can then save it to your computer to read later.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

What say you?

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